API to secure your data : The benefits

Securing your infrastructure can be complex and demanding. In an environment where cyberthreats are increasingly sophisticated, it’s imperative to guarantee data confidentiality. In-house, it can be difficult to find experts in cryptography.

Against this backdrop, we have developed an innovative solution: an integration API.

Quick and easy

The idea of integrating an API arose from the complexity often involved in deploying end-to-end encryption. This can be an arduous and resource-intensive task. Our integration solution gives you the simplicity and speed you need to quickly secure your data, without the need for structural changes.

Intelligent solutions

Our API meets your needs today, but is scalable for the future. This approach combines security expertise and ease of integration, for optimum protection of your data.

By integrating our API, you make the strategic choice to secure your data efficiently, without the hassle and constraints of technical complexity. It’s a step towards enhanced security and renewed peace of mind.

Robustness and performance

We have deliberately chosen the AES 256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption algorithm to secure your data. Unlike alternatives such as homomorphic encryption or data fragmentation, AES 256 offers a unique combination of performance and security.

AES 256’s high computing speeds guarantee seamless integration into your processes, while its proven resistance to quantum threats makes it a robust choice for the future.

Freedom and flexibility

Another reality facing many companies is the challenge of adapting encryption to their unique infrastructures. With our API, you retain the freedom to choose the environment in which you wish to deploy protection, keeping your preferred Cloud storage or on-premise servers, while benefiting from an unrivalled level of security.

Just an API connection!

Step 1

List the sensitive data to be protected and define user access rights.

Step 2

Connect the API, thanks to documentation

Step 3

All done !
Key generation and distribution is fully automated !

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