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Send your sensitive documents with peace of mind

Make your documents confidential before sending them via email.

You are transfering documents by Email

In our connected work environments, sending information by email has become essential. However, most email exchange methods do not provide an optimal level of security for sensitive data (identity papers, sales exports, contract lists, plans of your premises…).

This ease of access to data exposes you to risks such as leaks of confidential information and loss of your company’s reputation in the event of a cyberattack.

We offer a simple and intuitive solution to encrypt your sensitive documents with just one click, ensuring optimal protection when sharing them through a unique encrypted link.

By opting for our solution, you enhance your organization’s compliance without sacrificing ease of use.

Secure your data quickly

Our encryption solution integrates quickly and effortlessly into your business.

Opt for instant protection of your sensitive data. Our dedicated team provides personalized support, ensuring rapid adoption within your organization.

1.Enhanced Confidentiality: By encrypting your sensitive documents, you strengthen your organization’s compliance, minimize legal risks, and prevent information leakage risks.

2.Ease of Use: Our intuitive approach simplifies the encryption process to a single click, eliminating the complexity of manual procedures.

3.Total Control: Deploy our solution on-premise to avoid reliance on third parties.

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Generate a secure link

Upload your file to the Lagertha-transfer portal to encrypt your document (.pdf, .xls, .png, .jpg, …) and retrieve a secure link with just one click.

You then send the secure link to your recipient via email, and we send them a secure password

For which documents?

Any text files, images, spreadsheets… that you do not want to send to just anyone !

Identity papers

Activity report

Confidential file

Access code

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