Thinking outside the box

ORGAMY, the company behind Lagertha, is much more than a technology company. We are pioneers, creators and innovators, driven by a bold vision: to secure tomorrow’s software and shape a safer digital world.

Our history

Founded in 2021, ORGAMY emerged from our fascination with cybersecurity and technological innovation. In our early days, we developed E-Health software before realizing the critical importance of data privacy for all sectors. This realization marked a turning point in our journey, leading to the creation of a solution that combines simplicity and efficiency for everyone.

Our mission: to make security accessible to all

We believe in sharing knowledge and free thought, because that’s how the greatest advances have been made. We aspire to help companies protect their data while guaranteeing freedom of choice for their existing infrastructure.

We don't just follow trends, we create them.

At ORGAMY, we are driven by technical innovation. Our team is made up of passionate experts who push the boundaries to deliver high-performance solutions.

Our vision is bold: to become the standard in software security. We believe that every line of code deserves the highest level of protection, and our E2E API is leading the way. We aspire to a future where software is not only high-performance, but also tamper-proof.


Join us !

Join us on the exciting adventure of creating a more secure digital world. Whether you’re an innovative SME, a daring developer or a visionary investor, ORGAMY is the place where ideas become reality.

Together, we’re shaping the future of software security. Welcome to ORGAMY.

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